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In 1999 a long-term relationship began between the pastor of Fellowship and the visiting pastor of Living Word Church from Accra, Ghana.  Within a brief period of time that relationship developed very strong bonds and an on-going missions outreach in that western African nation.  First, they became our sister church, Fellowship of Living Praise - Ghana, led by Rev. Charles Mills and his wife, Sophia.  After a couple of mission trips a powerful work of God emerged as the feeding of several outlaying village children and adults grew. 

It became evident that local pastors needed to be developed and established.  This led to the founding of Living Praise Bible Institute where numerous men and women were trained and continue to be trained for ministry.  A certificate program quickly developed into an internationally accredited two year degree and eventually into a four year degree program was established. 

The ministry in the villages began to grow also.  Initially, the outreach was to feed the village children with the objective of presenting the Gospel within the village once approval of the local chief could be obtained.  It was obvious that the ministry needed to grow in scope.  The need for clean, readily available, deep water would only be met by the installation of fresh water wells.  To date, local deep wells have been established in some villages radically transforming the health and well-being of the entire village.

While the village outreach ministry continued to develop and grow Rev. Mills’ favorable relationship within the metro area of Accra opened the doors for a prison ministry to be established.  Likewise, the transforming power of the Gospel yielded transformed inmates. This aspect of the ministry of the Word of God continues to this date.

The dedication and extreme visionary efforts of Rev. Mills was locally recognized by other Christian leaders and in 2015 he was ordained as a Bishop.  Today, Bishop Mills envisions an even stronger bond with Fellowship as the time draws closer for the return of Jesus Christ.



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